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Brisbane Wedding and Headshot Portrait Photographer

My work is about three things ... Passion Precision and Pride.

My name is Sheona Beach and I'd love to invite you into my home so we can talk about creating the wedding photos of your dreams, or those portraits that are going to turn heads. The honour of being your photographer motivates me to develop a trusting relationship with you. I see beauty in everyone I meet and I will do whatever it takes to ensure you are delighted with your photographs.

How much should you spend on wedding photographs in Brisbane or the Sunshine Coast?

That's a great question. You could easily say "How much should I spend on my honeymoon?" With a honeymoon, it's about the experience you want to have, isn't it? The amount you pay has an impact on this experience. Whether it's a five star fortnight in Paris or a week in a caravan park in Cairns. There's a big difference, but you will choose what makes you happy, and fits your budget. Neither is right or wrong.

It's the same for wedding photography. There's also a HUGE difference in wedding photographers. Most likely you've been on a holiday before, but have you ever hired a wedding photographer? Maybe not. So, some people really can make mistakes when they select a wedding photographer based on price alone. All photographers, like all holidays, are NOT the same.

How do you pick the right wedding photographer for your Brisbane or Sunshine Coast wedding?

It's a very tender subject when a bride has been caught short with unexpectedly disappointing wedding photographs.

If you're reading this page, I expect your wedding photos are important to you. Some couples don't realise that there are definitely wedding photographers available who can make them look fabulous. I'm not exaggerating. It's a matter of careful lighting, positioning and planning. It's not luck and it's not the weather. If the photos are important to you, I suggest you do some research by talking to differently priced wedding photographers. Ask to see full weddings that they have on file (everyphoto the couple received - not just the good ones). Then you are able to make an educated decision about your wedding photographs. I suggest: 1) meet with two wedding photographers who have completely different price brackets; and 2) ask to see all of the photographs they provide to the bride and groom from at least two weddings. Remember, if you were buying a house you wouldn't just purchase the cheapest one, or the first one you viewed, so be prepared to do some research and learn about the market.

All photographers, no matter what their entry price, should welcome the opportunity to show you their work and try to impress you with their services.

How to get the best wedding photographs in Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast

I love to share my knowledge about wedding photographs, and educate others. In my photography blog I explain how I take the best of my wedding photographs. Under each photograph I teach brides, grooms and indeed other wedding photographers how, and why, I took that particular wedding photograph.