Brisbane's Boutique Headshot Photographer

Who is Sheona?

Sheona Beach is an Australian photographer based in Brisbane. She has worked in both Sydney and Melbourne and has a particular focus on actor headshots.

Sheona is the Principal Photographer at Headshots Brisbane, and is comfortable working with all strains of the human race (and cats). 

Her name is synonymous with professionalism and quality. 

She is respected within the Australian photographic community as a photographer with a strong work ethic and a persistent, organic vibe - her work has soul. 

She is a multi-award winning professional, an artist, and a perfectionist.  Her unpretentious attitude and her love of honest simplicity means that if she takes your photo, it will be authentic and beautiful.

Sheona's message to you ...

Welcome. I want you to experience a personal service in a boutique environment. I tailor each photoshoot by personally collaborating with each of my clients. 

Understanding the specific needs of each of my clients is very important to me. I've been toting a camera around since my first full time commercial photography job in 1995, and I have become very good at visualising outcomes. 

I don't consider myself as just offering you a service. I am also offering a product. At the end of the day, you are receiving a potentially life-changing set of photos from me that will affect your future. 

I believe I have a natural gift for noticing inherent beauty and complexity. I'm always ready to grab my camera and throw myself into your world. 

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