Welcome to my website. I am the principal photographer at Headshots Brisbane. I specialise in portraits of actors. My work is honest yet striking. It has a unique organic feel and that's because I create a space for vulnerability and focus.  I am privileged to have actors travel to Brisbane from a wide range of locations for a sitting. If you would like to work with me, please book online or reach out with any questions.

I offer five packages to my actors.


Simple Actor Headshot Session $250

Suits: students, children, and working actors who need a simple update.
Duration: 45 minutes. Hair and makeup service is available.
Composition: head and shoulders only.
Looks: 3 different shirts (but bring 5 so we have a few options).
Location: indoor studio only. Backgrounds: 3 (one per look).
Lighting: one setup (natural light with added studio light for a bit of oomph).
Collaboration: you can view the images on a large screen in my studio as we move through the photoshoot. This is invaluable!
Gallery: your online gallery will contain all your session images for you to download and keep (there’s no watermark on these images). Given my direction and my studio lighting style, your session images will be perfectly fine for you to use without Photoshopping.
Finals: In addition to your gallery, you will receive 3 high-resolution Photoshopped images (supplied in both colour and BW). You will choose two of these and I will choose one. These will all be retouched in my signature style.  If you do want more images Photoshopped, they are $100 for a set of 3 or $50 each.
Helpers: Friends and parents are welcome of course, but just one person.


Actor Portfolio Photoshoot $480

Suits: working actors who need a solid set of images.
Duration: up to 2 hours.
Composition: head and shoulders, ¾ body, full body.
Looks: 5 different shirts/tops (but bring 7/8 so we have options).
Location: indoor studio and outdoor studio photos with an urban location, if desired.
Backgrounds: five (one per look).
Lighting: three different lighting setups.
Collaboration: you can view the images on a large screen in my studio as we move through the photoshoot. Feel free to email inspiration photos the day before your shoot.
Gallery: online proofing gallery with screen-resolution proofs for you to download and keep (there’s no watermark on these images)
Finals: In addition to your gallery, you will receive 7 high-resolution Photoshopped images (supplied in both colour and BW). You will choose five of these and I will choose two. These will all be retouched in my signature style.  Additional Photoshopped images are $100 for a set of 3 or $50 each.
Modifications: there will be time for you to do a beard trim/shave, makeup or hairstyle modification during the session, if desired.
Actor Spotlight: choose this package to have your images showcased on my website.

Hair and Makeup: my hair and makeup artist can spend sometime with you before your photoshoot to offer you a natural look that will give you a more polished appearance in the photos. Suitable for men and women. I fully recommend my makeup artist spending up to an hour with you before your photoshoot. But this is certainly not imperative. 
The Actor Portfolio Photoshoot has a more thorough hair and makeup session before your photoshoot where your hair and makeup artist can take a little time to chat about and advise you on makeup products, application, styles and colours.
**If you have your makeup professionally applied, you will be able to use more of your un-retouched photos.


Double Actor Headshot Session $460
Suits: students and siblings (have fun with a friend,and share the bill!)
Duration: 1½ hours (45 mins each)
Composition: head and shoulders only
Looks: 3 different shirts each (but bring 5 so wehave a few to choose from)
Gallery: joint online proofing gallery with screen-resolutionproofs for you to download and keep (there’s no watermark on these images)
Finals: 4 high-resolution Photoshopped images – 2 each (supplied in both colour and BW)
Location: indoor studio only
Backgrounds: 3 (one per look)
Lighting: one setup (natural light with added studiolight for a bit of oomph)
Collaboration: you can view the images on a large screen inmy studio as we move through the photoshoot
Photoshopping: I find that the screen resolution images areoften good enough for students without Photoshopping (given my direction and thelighting in my studio). If you do want more images Photoshopped, they are $100for a set of 3 or $50 each.

Headshots with Sheona Beach

Thank you for your enquiry about having actor/entertainer headshots with Sheona Beach from Headshots Brisbane. Sheona provides a boutique portrait service that focuses on beautiful lighting and authentic photos that show your unique expressions and body language. Please read below for Sheona’s tips for a successful photoshoot.

Your Booking

If you need to change your booking at any point, please refer back to your Booking Confirmation email. It will have a link that you can click on to manage your booking.


If you have any questions that aren’t covered by this document, please feel free to call me on 07 3300 3319 or 0437 648 341. If I’m not shooting, I’ll answer.

Your Hair

If you have a longer photoshoot, feel free to bring some hair product and change up your hairstyle in between looks.

Your Skin

  • Consider applying lip balm to your lips fairly regularly for the couple of days before your photoshoot to make sure your lips aren’t dry (it could also help them to look a little fuller)
  • Definitely do try to get a good night’s sleep the night before your photoshoot

Makeup for Men 

Consider investing in and easy to apply foundation that you can just quickly rub onto your skin before your photoshoot (after you arrive). 

  • Consider an economical foundation: CovergirlSmoothers Aqua Smooth Compact Foundation Makeup Creamy Natural (about $15) or a more expensive option MAC Studio Fix Powder plus Foundation(about $56). The cheaper one is fine as you’ll only have the product on your skin for a couple of hours – the most important factor is getting the colour right! 
  • You can apply it with your foundation brush after you arrive, for best results, but they do have an applicator sponge included with the product. Practise at home before your photoshoot – it really only takes 2 minutes.

Makeup for Women

Have fun with your makeup and feel free to make modifications to it during your photoshoot. I recognise that some women and girls are keen to keep their appearance natural and organic-looking. 

However, I do have three minimum requirements for my ladies. So, even if you wouldn’t wear makeup to your audition:

  • Please wear at least some foundation and bring powder in case you start to shine (or a powder/foundation compact as mentioned above for the men). I understand you want to look authentic and natural but we also want your headshots to look polished (and show that you are serious about your career). Remember that your headshot will be competing against many other headshots.
  • I suggest you bring a lip balm or lip gloss at the very least so that your lips have a glow to them.
  • Mascara is important, even if it is just a quick and simple application.
  • If you aren’t confident applying your own makeup, and if you are interested, I fully recommend my makeup artist spend a little while with you before your photoshoot. My makeup artist understands that I want you to look natural and authentic and she won’t overdo things. But this is just an option, and certainly not imperative.

What to wear

I suggest wearing a pair of jeans, or something similar, if your headshots are just head and shoulders - so you can be comfortable.Generally, your headshots are only from your hips up and so your pants and shoes aren’t important. Of course, if we’re going to do something a little different, then you can plan your complete wardrobe.

  • Wear a pair of jeans with pockets because I’ll ask you to put your hands in your pockets for some of the looks. Bring a second pair of bottoms, if you see the need, if your photoshoot is a two hour photoshoot.
  • Please bring at least four shirt options. Earthy colours like navy, khaki, brown, grey, olive, rust, black, etc. look effortlessly understated and won’t compete with your eyes for attention.
  • We are trying to sell you, not your clothes, so please try to avoid:
  • White or pale colours please (unless your skin is a dark tone)
  • Patterned shirts (unless it is a statement piece that you want to feature and it adds to your character)
  • Bright colours like bright red, orange, blue, green and pink
  • Shimmery fabric.
  • Steer away from clothing with logos (unless you’re trying to send a particular message).
  • T-shirts are great - even better if they are tight/snug fitting).
  • Look for tighter fitting t-shirts rather than loose t-shirts. A well-fitting black t-shirt. Long sleeves or short sleeves, or both
  • Another couple of well-fitting short or long sleeved t-shirts that are organic colours like rust, olive, navy, khaki, brown, grey or peach. Avoid a white t-shirt unless you have a jacket.
  • Other shirts/tops are fine, and textures can be really interesting as long as they add to the feel of the image and don’t steal the attention away from your eyes. Off the shoulder can be lovely for women.
  • Jackets are a great addition and can add a bit of dynamism to your image.
  • A denim jacket can easily be thrown on top of at-shirt
  • A leather jacket can add a lot of substance to an image
  • I love a turtle neck in a dark colour. It’s a good idea to have one high neck top that covers your collar bone – this will help to place all the attention on your eyes.
  • Please iron your clothes and bring them on hangers (the creases do show up in the photos). You really don’t want to spend half your session ironing.

How to prepare

I like to make sure that you get the most out of your photoshoot. We will get some fabulous photos of you, that’s for sure. However, I’d like to also give you the opportunity to have a bit of a workout in front of the camera by playing with your expressions and muscle movements whilst we cover a few different emotions.

Therefore, have a look in the mirror and see how your eyebrows move, what happens when you only smile with one half of your mouth, and how you look when you combine a furrowed brow with a pursed lips?

Every actor needs headshots, and it’s a good idea to have a selection of poses and expressions. I like to provide you with:

  • A smiling expression
  • An ‘act natural’ expression
  • An emotional expression
  • A neutral expression
  • An expression with ‘substance’

We can have fun and play with others like superman/wonderwoman, bad boy, bitchy vixen, villain, innocent, girl next door, sexy, suspicious, helpful, excited, nerdy, professional, … you get it – so have a practice in the mirror the day before your photoshoot. I ask that you please feel the emotions as we move through the photoshoot. And, please complete the pre photoshoot questionnaire so that I know more about your requirements.

Thank you!

Just to wrap up, I ask that you please trust me; I am very experienced at helping people communicate with body language. I will guide you and instruct you. I will collaborate with you to achieve some unique looks that will help you to stand out from your competition.

Please don’t arrive at your appointment early as I may not be ready for you. If you find that you are running late on the day, that’s fine. Just text me to let me know.

Finally, my prices are so economical because my home studio is very basic, but the photos will be amazeballs, so just keep an open mind!

Keep smiling!

Sheona x

Mobile: 0437 648 341

Studio: 07 3300 3319

Address: 45 Mt Nebo Road, The Gap 4061

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