Employee Headshots in Brisbane

I'll take about 5-10 minutes per person. Therefore, as an example, if everyone is organised and ready to go, a group of up to ten people can all be photographed within an hour and will only cost you $500. Of course, I can provide many other options if time permits.

Simply provide me with the list and I will check the names off as I work. I will take my time providing professional direction and posing, different locations and different angles. If we have left over time, I can take candid photos of people working/interacting. 

You receive all of the images from your photoshoot the next business day. Photoshopping is an optional extra, at $50 per person. As I personally Photoshop your images, you will have the opportunity to describe any specific photoshopping requests. I am happy to size the images according to your company guidelines. 



Trust me. I am highly experienced and I have literally photographed thousands of people.


I take my time building rapport with each person before providing professional direction and posing.


You receive all of your session images for you to download and use (with full usage rights) the next day. 


My pricing is super simple. My travel and setup fee is $150. I then charge $350 per hour, or part thereof.  

Executive Headshots

I specialise in creating professional yet relaxed-looking headshots by creating a strong rapport with my clients.

I have regular clients who like me to keep their photos consistent and ask me to pop in quarterly for updates and new employees.

I work quickly, with as minimal disturbance to your workplace as possible. I'll bring my mobile studio with me and setup at your location.  I will meet your brief, or help you to decide on a suitable backdrop that sits within your brand.

It’s imperative that your team looks polished and professional, yet friendly and approachable. Whatever it is that you need to communicate about your profession, let me know and I’ll make it happen. 

Hair and makeup: Hair and makeup services can easily be arranged. A clever touch to make each person feel special. My highly experienced hair and makeup artist charges by the hour and will arrive before I do to have your staff looking polished. She can do a full service per person, or just a 30 minute 'touchup' per person. Please let me know if you are interested, and for how many people.

Photoshopping: If you decide to have any images Photoshopped, you will let me know the image numbers and after I’ve photoshopped them I’ll send them back to you in both print and screen resolution. As I personally Photoshop your images, you will have the opportunity to describe any specific photoshopping requests.

Team Photos and Group Photos

I am more than happy to include team photos.

Team photos are perfect for marketing and websites. My team photos are scrupulously posed and directed so that each person looks polished and professional. 

I won't just usher people against a wall and say 'cheese'.

I will be in charge, working quickly and efficiently. I'll look for the best location, and set up my studio lights for flattering photos. 

We will make a call on whether the men should have their hands in the pockets, or arms crossed. And the ladies will be directed to stand or sit elegantly, in a flattering way.

The group itself will never be in a straight line if there are more than five people. Instead your team will be staggered according to their height, size, seniority and choice of outfits.

If desired, I can provide a set of instructions in advance to help your team choose particular colours and appropriate clothing.


Why book me to take your business photographs?

Imagine you book a photographer for your business photography ... How well will you get to know your photographer? How invested are they in your needs?  How much rapport will there be between your staff and your photographer?

Will you just be assigned a photographer to take the photographs of your organisation, or would you prefer to working directly, one-on-one with the person who owns the photography business?

Let me collaborate with you and your team, and meet your expectations - whatever they are.

My Style of Business Photography

​Photographs are a very personal matter. Do you want your employees to have a deliberate and caring photographer who specialises in building rapport? 

With careful posing and direction, your nervous and self-conscious team members will receive the specific attention they want to meet their individual expectations. I specialise in reducing double chins, I help to make people look thinner, and I love telling really eye-rollingly bad jokes to reduce anxiety and get relaxed, warm and friendly smiles (yep, they're just cute kids' jokes, but they work!).


Forward Planning

Imagine having a selection of images that you can use over the next few months or years to promote you, your business and your services.

Executive portrait

Portrait at desk

Portrait in scrubs

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