Sky Kim Brisbane Performer

Where are you currently studying? 

I’m studying a Bachelor of Music Performance, Classical Voice at the Queensland Conservatorium Griffith University

What is your favourite type of role to play? Why?

I love playing anything funny or dramatic. There’s something so draining about playing a simply pure and pretty character but once you add some depth to that character or some humour it becomes such an exciting project

If you could travel back in time to meet anyone (living or dead) who would it be and why?

Absolutely it would be Mozart. What a crazy lad he was and I love him for it.

What’s the most interesting role you’ve had?

Either Olympia from Tales of Hoffmann or Susanna from Marriage of Figaro. Olympia is actually a mechanical wind up doll that can sing, talk and walk but she’s constantly malfunctioning and needs to be wound up again. It creates some kind of slapstick humour when she does. Susanna is the most realistic character you can get in opera and so the straightforwardness is hilarious and great. She’s smart and strong and adorable.

Describe your most challenging role to date and why was it challenging?

I would say Tytania from A Midsummer Night’s Dream by Britten. She’s just so magical that it was a struggle to get rid of my human-like response to everything.

What is your dream role? Why?

Most likely Lucia. She’s one of the most difficult coloratura soprano roles I know of and I would definitely need to be older to be able to portray her vocally but she is a most stunningly dramatic and crazy character.

Who do you most admire? Why?

Natalie Dessay. There isn’t a day I don’t listen to her singing.

What was your headshot session like?

The session was very delightful. It was such a lovely space for creativity and during the times I was lost your guidance was most helpful.

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